What Are the Applications of Pulse Generators in the Food Industry?

Pulse generators, specifically Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology, have found significant applications in the food industry, revolutionizing food processing and preservation methods. Here, we explore the various ways in which a pulse generator is transforming the food industry.

1. Improved Pasteurization:

PEF technology is used for pasteurization, enhancing the safety and shelf life of liquid foods. It achieves this by applying short, high-voltage electrical pulses to destroy microorganisms, reducing the need for heat treatment that can affect taste and nutritional value.

2. Enhanced Nutritional Value:

Incorporating PEF into food production helps retain the nutritional value of foods, as it allows for shorter heating times and lower temperatures, preserving vitamins and other essential nutrients.

3. Increased Extraction Yields:

Pulse generators are utilized in the extraction of juices, oils, and bioactive compounds from various food materials. PEF treatment helps improve extraction efficiency, leading to higher yields and reduced waste.

4. Better Textural Properties:

PEF technology can modify the structural properties of foods, enhancing texture and consistency. It is applied in processes like tenderization of meats and the production of high-quality fruit and vegetable products.

5. Reduced Energy Consumption:

Compared to traditional thermal processing methods, PEF technology consumes less energy, contributing to energy efficiency in food production.

6. Minimal Chemical Additives:

With PEF treatment, the need for chemical additives and preservatives is reduced, aligning with the consumer demand for clean label products.

7. Extended Shelf Life:

Pulse generators help extend the shelf life of various food products, reducing food waste and improving food safety.

8. Sustainable Processing:

PEF technology is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the environmental footprint of food processing by cutting down on water and energy usage.


Pulse generators, particularly PEF technology, have brought about transformative changes in the food industry. They enable safer, more nutritious, and sustainable food processing methods. For cutting-edge pulse generators that meet the demands of the food industry, consider ScandiNova. With advanced pulse generators, ScandiNova continues to lead the way in providing reliable and efficient solutions for the food processing sector.